Stated Income Commercial Loans

October 17, 2013

Stated Income Loans for Commercial Owner User and Investment Properties
Yes, it’s true, “stated income loans” with lower than hard money rates and much lower fees are available for the following property types:

1 to 4 family properties up to $1 million
Multifamily (5 or more units) up to $5 million
Mixed Use to $5 million
Warehouse to $5 million
Retail to [...]

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SBA Loan Rates

September 1, 2013

SBA Loan Rate Information
Loan rates for the 2 largest SBA programs - the 7a and the 504 - are quite a bit different from one another because the programs themselves are quite dissimilar.
The programs are similar in that they can be used for the purchase or construction of owner occupied commercial real estate.  The 7a [...]

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SBA Loans for Independent Insurance Agents

August 5, 2013

SBA Loan For Independent Insurance Agents
SBA loans are available for Independent Insurance Agents and can be used for the following:

Refinance a 2 year old seller note.
Purchase or refinance agency occupied real estate.
Purchase another insurance agency or “book of business”.
Refinance equipment, systems or other agency-debt.

Below are some general guidelines.  These are NOT written in stone, so [...]

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SBA Loans: Do You Need A GPS?

August 4, 2013

I think we all enjoy helping other people. Think about it. If you have expertise about something and someone asks you for help in understanding that certain something it feels good to be able to help them.
It is human nature. It is how we are wired.
If someone is driving through your neighborhood and they are [...]

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Motel Financing

August 4, 2013

SBA Motel Financing
For the past few years motels have been tougher to finance than hotels.  Up until recently, all but the strongest hotel loans were being approved and motels - unless they were in resort areas and had some very strong borrowers and/or financials - were largely being ignored.
The majority of  hotel financing deals done [...]

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Colorado Hard Money Lender With Low Rates and Points

August 4, 2013

Colorado Hard Money Lenders
Every once in a while I run across really good deals somewhere in the U.S. and I recently ran across a very reasonable, credible, hard money lender in Colorado who does not charge exhorbitant rates and fees.
Quite often those who are referred to a hard money lender end up paying a rate [...]

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Fast Bridge Loans

July 11, 2013

Fast Bridge Loans for Commercial Property
Bridge loans by their very nature are fast because they are typically low risk, short to medium term loans where the lender has the benefit of having excellent commercial property collateral.  Bridge loans are usually closed very quickly because, more often than not, the situation demands it.
Financing Fallen Through at [...]

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Non-Recourse Hotel Financing

June 24, 2013

Hotel Financing Up To $300,000,000
Non-recourse hotel financing is available for very strong projects with extremely strong sponsors.
Program is available for acquisitions, refinancing or major conversion projects.

Non-Recourse Hotel Loan Program Guidelines*

Loan Amounts: $3,500,000 to $300,000,000
Term: 5, 7 and 10 years available
Amortization: Typically 30 years
Interest Rate: Competitive “swap based” pricing
Loan To Value: Typically from [...]

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Hotel Refinancing

May 5, 2013

Hotel Refinance - Multiple Options
SBA 7a program - The 7a is a good loan because it is available with a 25 year amortization.  It is not always the best option because it can be difficult to get a fixed rate and the SBA “Guaranty Fee” can be quite large on the bigger loans, but quite [...]

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Commercial Hard Money Loans

April 30, 2013

Commercial Hard Money Lending: It’s Different Now
In the aftermath of the credit crisis, private and hard money financing is playing a much larger and more pivotal role in the acquisition and re-positioning of many commercial properties than in years past.
Opportunistic real estate investors have been acquiring commercial properties with the use of temporary hard money [...]

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