Medical Practice Financing From 4%

April 27, 2013

Medical Practice Financing Options
Below are few NON-SBA Medical Practice Financing Options:
1. East Coast Medical Practice Financing:
Below Market Financing is available for Medical, Dental and Veterinary practices in all states on the East Coast.
Rates as low as 4% FIXED for 10 years are currently available. Funds are available for refinancing existing practice debt, purchase/acquisition of an existing practice as [...]

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SBA Business Plan Outline

April 8, 2013

Small Business Loan - Business Plan Outline
I thought it might be helpful to make available a basic outline for putting together a small business loan business plan, so here ya go:

Section 1 -  Overview of the Business
a) Briefly describe your business and what it does or will do.
b) Who are your customers/potential customers/clients?
c) [...]

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How to Refinance Your Commercial Property While Buying or Building Another

February 24, 2013

Refinance AND Expand with the 504
If you are considering an expansion of your business that involves any of the following:

buying a building
constructing a building
expanding your existing building
acquiring land
purchasing expensive equipment

Then you may be able to do the expansion while refinancing some of your existing debt using the little known “permanent” refinance provision of the SBA [...]

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SBA 504 Refinance - Is the 90% LTV Program Coming Back?

February 24, 2013

June 13, 2013 - Update
The Creed Act is gaining momentum.  Yesterday the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship led by Senators Mary Landrieu and Jim Risch approved legislation that would bring back the 504 refi program.
The vote is a big step in the process that would lead to the return of the program, but the really [...]

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SBA Loan For Wisconsin Businesses Creating Jobs

July 2, 2012

4+% Long Term Financing for Wisconsin Business Owners Who Create Jobs
(This program is also available on a limited basis in qualifying areas (typically rural/semi-rural) throughout the country).
If you own a business in Wisconsin and you are planning on constructing or purchasing a commercial building that is considered “multi-use” or “multi-purpose” and your business will occupy [...]

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Small Biz Loans & The Agony of Defeat

June 25, 2012

If you are old enough to remember the intro to ABC’s Wide World of Sports then you know what the “Agony of Defeat” looks like.
Most of us who have started something of their own know what it’s like to suffer defeats along the way, and as painful as it can be, taking your lumps is the [...]

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Hotel Construction Financing

June 24, 2012

Hotel Construction Loans Are Available
Updated April 28, 2013:
It seems that the hotel financing market has reached a turning point and lenders are coming back to the market - at least in the world of SBA and USDA lending.
Lenders who have been on the sidelines while values dropped all around the country are now considering transactions [...]

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Banker Not Responsive? Maybe You Need a Wingman

June 14, 2012

Another Reason to Use an “SBA Wingman”
I recently spoke with a potential client who ended up going with a local (large) bank for his self storage facility construction financing.  He first called me 7 months ago to see if I could get him better terms than he was being offered by the large bank.
At the [...]

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SBA Loan Approval - What Are Your Chances?

June 13, 2012

It Depends
When you apply for an SBA loan - or any loan - your odds of approval depend on a lot of factors.  Assuming you have most of the right qualifications (the 5 C’s of credit, etc.), a lot of it depends on the lender you are seeking financing from.  Specifically, what is their situation [...]

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SBA Life Insurance Requirements

June 7, 2012

SBA Loans and “Key Man” Life Insurance
The SBA requires lenders to require many borrowers to carry some amount of life insurance as a condition of receiving financing.  This is because most of the time a small business has one or a few “key” people whom the business might not survive without.
How much insurance is required?
The [...]

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